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Risk Notice

Published on Jan 1st, 2024

Risk Disclosure

Before you start trading, please review the following risk list.

The purpose of this risk disclosure is to inform you that there are risks in trading activities in the financial market. You must be aware that this risk may cause you to suffer losses during the transaction. This disclosure is only for information and should not be Treated as a list of all possible risks.

Special reminder

The trading mode of this platform is different from the traditional currency speculation trading mode. It uses a leveraged trading mode, that is, using less funds to achieve the possibility of obtaining greater gains, while the losses are relatively magnified; During the transaction, the customer does not hold the corresponding currency, but issues transaction instructions to the platform, pays the margin and handling fees, and the platform performs actual transactions on major digital currency exchanges according to the customer's transaction instructions. The profit part of the customer is owned by the customer, and the loss is borne by the customer’s margin. This platform only earns the user’s handling fee. The trading instructions issued by the customer on this platform are similar to traditional futures transactions. Once the direction is wrong, there will be greater Loss of funds;Therefore, the trading mode of this platform is not suitable for every investor. Before you start real trading, it is recommended that you clarify the trading risks and control the amount of capital invested. Once you choose to trade on this platform Transaction means that you agree with the transaction mode of this platform and are willing to bear the risks brought by it.

1. Use of leverage

In margin trading, leverage will have a significant impact on your trading account, even if the price of the instrument only changes slightly. You must understand that if the market trend is opposite to your trading direction, your funds will be lost The chances are very high. You are solely responsible for the use of your funds and bear all risks.

2. Instability of financial instruments

The quotations of most instruments traded in the financial market may change drastically in one day, which may bring you profits as well as losses.

3. Technical risk

3.1. We are not responsible for economic losses caused by your electronic, communication or information system failures.

3.2. When operating the client (APP), the risk may come from:

Your equipment, software and connection are faulty

Failed to update your APP version in time

You did not follow the instructions to use the APP

We are not responsible for errors that occur during the operation of the APP, and will not compensate for losses caused by errors that occur during the operation of the APP.

4. Market risk

If market conditions become abnormal, the time required to process your orders and instructions may be extended.

5. Risks related to government laws

You are also responsible for performing such operations in countries where trading and non-trading operations are legally restricted or prohibited.

6. Risks related to transaction evaluation

6.1. All your orders are sent to our server and executed in order. You may not be able to withdraw the order being executed, and you are responsible for any unexpected trading operations that may have been executed.

6.2. You must understand that closing the APP will not cancel the submitted order.

6.3. As you know, only quotations obtained from our servers are authoritative.

7. Force Majeure Event

We are not responsible for the risks caused by force majeure events. Such events are extreme and irresistible situations that are not subject to the will and behavior of the agreement participants and cannot be foreseen, prevented or eliminated, including but It is not limited to natural disasters, fires, man-made accidents or disasters, emergencies of public works and public facilities, DDOS attacks, riots, military operations, terrorist attacks, riots, civil unrest, strikes, and the supervision of state and local government agencies.

8. Special Reminder

Due to the formulation or modification of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, digital asset transactions may be suspended or prohibited at any time.

[Platform Risk Control Monitoring Rules]

Digital asset trading is an innovative financial investment product with high risks. Therefore, the platform provides investors with a good investment environment. The following risk control system is constructed and explained. Investors are requested to operate reasonably , Make investment decisions cautiously.

1. If an investor has a large number of 'trading orders with an opening and closing time interval of less than 3 minutes' in a short period of time, it will be monitored by risk control as a malicious brushing behavior. Multiple orders during this period The transaction will not be possible, and the user shall bear the consequences of the illegal operation;

2. Part of the investment reference information provided by the platform for investors, such as indicator analysis icons, news/important news, documentary, today's strategy, discussion group analysts, etc., are for reference only and do not constitute investment Suggest

3. The platform provides online matchmaking transactions. In the case of unilateral market and violent market fluctuations, some orders may not be traded or the opening and closing prices are different from the actual market prices. Please invest The person knows and operates with caution;

4. The loss of the order caused by the leak of investor password, improper operation, incorrect investment decision, etc. will be borne by the customer;

The above is from the platform risk control team, thank you for your support to the platform!