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Terms of Service

Published on Jan 1st, 2024

Service Agreement

Before you register as a user of this platform, please read the following terms carefully. Once you register, you agree to accept the services of this platform and are bound by the following terms. If you do not accept the following terms, Please stop registration immediately or actively stop using the services of this platform.

Special reminder

Digital currency transactions have extremely high risks. The digital currency market is brand new, unconfirmed, and may not grow. At present, digital currency is mainly used by speculators and relatively few in retail and commercial markets. Therefore, the price of digital currency is easy Produce volatility, and then have an adverse effect on digital currency investment. The digital currency market does not have a limit on the ups and downs of the Chinese stock market, and trading is open 24 hours a day. Due to the small number of chips, the price of digital currency is easily controlled by the dealer, and the price may rise several times a day. At the same time, the price may fall by half within a day. To participate in digital currency transactions, users should control their own risks, assess the value of digital currency investment and investment risks, and bear the economic risk of losing all investments.Due to the formulation or modification of national laws, regulations, and regulatory documents, the transaction of digital currency is suspended or prohibited, and the resulting economic losses are all borne by the user.

Chapter I Definition Terms

1.1 'digital currency': a transaction medium that uses cryptography to ensure transaction security and control the creation of transaction units without a central issuing agency, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum Square (ETH) etc.

1.2 'Users': Registered users who accept and agree to all the terms of this agreement, the legal terms and operating rules published and updated by the platform from time to time, and the registered users who conduct digital currency-related transactions through this platform.

1.3 'User registration': User registration refers to the process by which a user logs in to this platform, fills in relevant information as required, and confirms that he agrees to perform the relevant user agreement.

1.4 'Recharge': The user pre-charged the platform for digital currency-related transactions.

1.5 'Handling fee': The transaction service fee paid by the user to the platform when a transaction is concluded on the platform.

Chapter II Signing and Amendment of this Agreement

2.1 When users register on this platform, they should meet the following conditions at the same time:

2.1.2 A natural person with full capacity for civil conduct prescribed by the laws of the People's Republic of China;

2.1.3 A personal debit card account opened and validly held in a commercial bank within the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

If you do not meet the above conditions, please do not register, otherwise this platform has the right to suspend or terminate your user qualifications at any time. After the user has successfully registered, it should be provided when conducting digital currency-related transactions on this platform My real ID number, complete real-name verification.

2.2 Your signing and performance of this agreement will not be excluded by the laws and regulations of the country or region where you belong, live, or conduct business activities or other businesses. If the foregoing conditions are not met, you should immediately terminate the registration or stop Use the services of this platform. At the same time, when you use the services of this platform, you should determine for yourself whether the counterparty has full civil capacity and decide for yourself whether to use the services of this platform to transact with the counterparty, and you should bear all risks related to this .

2.3 You follow the instructions on the platform page to complete all the registration procedures or use the platform's related services, which means that you fully understand and accept all the terms under this agreement. The content of this agreement includes the following terms and this Various rules that the platform has published or may publish in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement. This agreement is signed by you and this platform and applies to all of your on this platform Activities. When you register as a user, you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and various rules of this agreement, and promised to abide by various laws and regulations in China. If any legal consequences occur due to violations, you will be Independently assume all corresponding legal responsibilities in its own name.

2.4 This platform has the right to modify this agreement from time to time as needed, or formulate or modify various specific rules based on this agreement and publish them in the relevant system section of this platform without separate notification to you. You should pay attention from time to time Changes to this agreement and specific rules, if you continue to use the service after the content of this agreement and specific rules have been changed, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised agreement and specific rules, and will also follow the revised content Agreements and specific rules use the services of this platform; at the same time, with regard to the transactions and effects you conducted through this platform before the amendment of the agreement and specific rules, it is deemed that you have agreed to and have been authorized and ratified in accordance with this agreement and related rules. , If you do not agree with the content of the revised agreement, you should stop using the services of this platform.

Chapter III Service Content

3.1 The platform provides online trading platform services for users to conduct digital currency-related transaction activities through information processing. The platform does not participate in the buying and selling of digital currency as a buyer or seller.

3.1 The platform provides online trading platform services for users to conduct digital currency-related transaction activities through information processing. The platform does not participate in the buying and selling of digital currency as a buyer or seller.

3.1.1 Users have the right to browse real-time digital currency market and transaction information on the platform, and have the right to submit digital currency transaction instructions and complete digital currency transactions through the platform;

3.1.2 Users have the right to view the information under their platform account on the platform, and have the right to operate using the functions provided by the platform;

3.1.3 Users have the right to participate in website activities organized by the platform in accordance with the activity rules published by the platform;

3.2 The user understands and agrees that the platform can adjust the service content, service type and service form on the network platform at any time according to the actual situation. For the negative impact or loss caused by the platform adjustment to you or any third party, This platform does not assume any responsibility.

3.3 Users understand that the platform only provides relevant network services, in addition to equipment related to relevant network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile networks) And the necessary expenses (such as the telephone and Internet fees paid for accessing the Internet, and the mobile phone fees paid for using the mobile network) shall be borne by the user.

3.4 Based on the needs of operation and security, this platform may temporarily stop providing, restrict or change part of the functions of the platform services, or provide new functions. When any function is reduced, increased or changed, as long as you If you still use the services of this platform, it means that you still agree to this agreement or the changed agreement.

3.5 You confirm that your transaction status confirmed on this platform in accordance with the service process of this platform will become relevant transactions or operations performed by this platform for you (including but not limited to freezing funds, paying on behalf or receiving payments) , Entering into a contract, etc.), you agree that this platform has the right to deal with related matters in accordance with the relevant instructions in accordance with this agreement or relevant documents and rules.

3.6 You are responsible for any disputes or losses caused by your failure to modify or confirm the transaction status in a timely manner or fail to submit the relevant application, and this platform does not assume any responsibility.

3.7 When providing services to users, the platform may reasonably use user personal information, non-user personal information, and third-party platform record information (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'user information'). Once a user registers, logs in, The use of this platform service will be deemed as the user fully understands, agrees and accepts the company's reasonable use of user information through methods including but not limited to collection, statistics, analysis, and use.

3.8 The purpose, method and scope of the use of user information. The user promises that he has fully understood: The platform uses user information for the purpose of providing users with better services; the platform uses user information including but not Limited to: collection, statistics, analysis, commercial use, etc.; the scope of user information used by the platform includes but is not limited to: user personal information, non-user personal information, third-party platform record information, etc.

3.9 The behavior of users registering, logging in, and using platform services is deemed to be an explicit consent to the platform's collection and use of user information without any other meaning. The platform does not need to pay users any fees for the use of user information. Users can query, correct, and add user information authorized by the platform through the relevant functions of the platform.

3.10 Users can stop using platform services and no longer provide user information to the platform. However, if the user previously agreed to the platform's use of user information, the platform will not be liable for active deletion or destruction, and the user refuses to provide user information The platform can stop providing services at any time.

Chapter IV Transaction Management and Fees

4.1 After you have successfully registered, you can confirm and sign the relevant agreement through this platform by yourself or by your authorized agent in accordance with the relevant rules and instructions of this platform. For detailed operating rules and methods, please refer to the relevant agreement and this Rules and instructions on platform-related pages.

4.2 This platform will provide services for your transactions, and will charge necessary service or management fees in accordance with relevant documents, agreements or relevant rules and instructions on this platform page during the service process. The specific content, Please refer to the relevant documents and the rules and descriptions on the relevant pages of this platform for matters such as proportions and amounts. You agree that this platform has the right to adjust the types or amounts of the aforementioned services or management fees from time to time and make announcements and instructions in accordance with this agreement and relevant rules. modify.

Chapter V Fund Management

5.1 For your fund payment and fund collection services on this platform, this platform and/or third-party institutions or financial institutions entrusted by this platform will provide you with 'fund management services', which mainly include But not limited to: fund recharge, withdrawal, collection, payment, inquiry, etc. You can learn more about the specific rules or instructions on the relevant pages of this platform.

5.2 You understand that the above services such as recharge, withdrawal, collection, payment and inquiry involve cooperation between this platform and third-party payment institutions or financial institutions. You agree:

(a) Due to various reasons such as the current situation that third-party payment institutions or financial institutions may only deduct and transfer funds on working days and other reasons, this platform does not determine the time when the funds are received for the aforementioned services. Any promises, and no responsibilities related to this, including but not limited to losses such as interest, currency depreciation, etc. arising therefrom;

(b) Once you use the aforementioned services, it means that you irrevocably authorize this platform to perform related operations, and such operations are irreversible, and you cannot refuse payment or request cancellation of the transaction for any reason. For the aforementioned services, you should pay the third party’s fees in accordance with the relevant documents and the provisions of the third-party payment institution or financial institution. Disputes or disputes between you and the third party regarding the payment of fees have nothing to do with this platform.

5.3 You guarantee and promise that the source of funds for your transactions through this platform is legal. You agree that the company has the right to comply with judicial organs including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorial organs, courts, administrative organs, military The agency requires assistance in inquiring, freezing or deducting your account and funds.

5.4 This platform has the right to set transaction-related matters from time to time based on considerations such as transaction security, including but not limited to transaction limits, number of transactions, etc. You understand that the foregoing settings of this platform may change It has caused some inconvenience to your transaction, and you have no objection to this.

5.5 If the platform finds a processing error due to system failure or other reasons, whether it is beneficial to the platform or you, the platform has the right to correct the error after notifying you in accordance with the provisions of this agreement If the error causes the amount you actually received is less than the amount you should get, the platform will deposit the difference between your receivable amount and the actual amount into your user account as soon as possible after confirming the processing error. If the error caused you to actually receive more money than you should have received, regardless of the nature and reason of the error, you understand, agree and fully cooperate with this platform in accordance with including but not limited to:

(1) Notify you to return improper gains in accordance with the specified method;

(2) This platform or a third-party payment institution cooperating with this platform deducts improper proceeds from your platform account and bound bank account;

(3) You are required to take other reasonable operational measures to correct related errors. You understand and agree that any overpayment or underpayment due to the aforementioned processing errors will not be interest-based, and this platform will not be liable for the cause Any loss or liability caused by the aforementioned processing error (including your possible loss of interest, exchange rate, etc. due to the aforementioned error), except for processing errors caused by the malicious intent of this platform.

5.6 In any case, the third party shall bear the responsibility for the relevant services provided by a third party during your use of the services of this platform, and this platform will not bear such responsibilities. It is caused by your own reasons. You are solely responsible for any loss or liability arising from the inability to provide the services of this platform or any errors in the provision, and this platform is not responsible.

Chapter VI Electronic Contract

6.1 The agreement to be traded or to be concluded on this platform adopts the method of electronic contract. There can be one or more copies and each has the same legal effect. You or your agent shall follow the relevant agreement and the platform’s The electronic contract signed by the relevant rules confirmed on this platform shall be deemed as a contract that reflects your true wishes and signed in your own name, and has legal effect. You should properly keep your account password and other account information. The contract is legally binding on the parties to the contract, and you may not deny the validity of the contract you have signed or fail to perform related obligations in accordance with the contract for account information such as account passwords or other reasons.

6.2 After you sign an electronic contract in accordance with this agreement and the relevant rules of this platform, you may not modify the contract without authorization. This platform provides you with services such as custody, inquiry, and verification of electronic contracts, such as authenticating electronic contracts. If you have any questions about the content of the fake or electronic contract, you can check and verify the relevant contract through the relevant system section of this platform. If there is any dispute about this, the contract recorded on this platform shall prevail.

Chapter VII Service Change, Interruption or Termination

7.1 The platform reserves the right to change, interrupt, or terminate its services at any time with or without notice. Users agree that the platform shall not be liable for any modification, interruption, or termination of services, and users shall bear any risks or losses arising from such actions.

7.2 The platform may, at its discretion, interrupt or terminate services for maintenance, upgrades, or other operational reasons. The platform will make reasonable efforts to notify users in advance, but it is not obligated to do so.

7.3 Users acknowledge that the platform may suspend or terminate their accounts in case of violations of the terms of service, fraudulent activities, or any other activities that the platform considers harmful or against its policies.

7.4 In the event of service interruption or termination, the platform shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by users. Users are responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect their data and assets.

Chapter VIII Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 All intellectual property rights related to the platform, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, software, and content, are owned by the platform. Users agree not to reproduce, distribute, or use the platform's intellectual property without explicit authorization.

8.2 Users retain the intellectual property rights to the content they submit to the platform. By submitting content, users grant the platform a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and display the content on the platform.

Chapter IX Limitation of Liability

9.1 Users agree that the platform shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the platform's services.

9.2 The platform is not responsible for any losses incurred due to the volatility of digital currency prices, market fluctuations, or other external factors beyond its control.

9.3 Users agree to indemnify and hold the platform, its affiliates, and partners harmless from any claims, losses, or damages, including legal fees, arising from their use of the platform's services.

Chapter X Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

10.1 If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

By continuing to use the platform's services, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this agreement. The platform reserves the right to update or modify this agreement, and users are encouraged to review the terms regularly.